Milsistemika Slovenija founded the Defence Programme Department aimed at developing solutions for the defence industry, specifically for information support in various activities of the Slovenian Armed Forces. Milsistemika Slovenija’s experience and extensive knowledge of the military industry make it ideal the partner when when you are looking to outsource information services and support in the region.

Milsistemika Slovenija is setting standards for the future by offering a wide range of solutions, technologies and products for information support in military operations. Our information system for the military industry ensures top combat readiness and defence security. The Armed Forces are therefore guaranteed a reliable and secure exchange of structured electronic information all the way from reconnaissance to the highest ranks of the military command structure. Milsistemika Slovenija can handle various data and documents, including NATO confidential information.

Milsistemika is the leading provider of high-performance IT solutions and system integration in its region. 

MIL Sistemika develops and sells commercial off the shelf products in the area of military command & control, communications and training & simulation products.

The goal is to act as product vendor for own products. Unique Selling point is quality, product leadership and lower price (than competition) of products. MIL Sistemika intend to work with local partners in the region in form of sales channel and support centers for the regional customers. (but will not ignore worldwide opportunities).


Provide soldiers with software aids. Make C2/C4I systems a true force multiplier, no soldier will want to fight without.


Our company’s mission is to produce and sell requirements driven COTS, C2 and C4I (Command & Control) military software at affordable price.


Innovation, by thinking outside the box, adapting to new market trends, and win trough agility and ingenious technical solutions.

Product leadership, by software development based on true user requirements using employed soldiers for source of information and usability checks.

International positioning, by becoming a vendor. Selling through local partners, development of joint, efficient, focused marketing strategy. Be the first of the rest.


CEO: Matevž Ferjančič, Tomaž Pust
Registration number: 3809013000
VAT number: 80437133
Bank account (NLB d.d.):
IBAN SI56 0292 3025 8873 158


Licensed arms manufacturer