The user has a rights to ask for preliminary written offer about maintenance and/or other services.

The user can put in a clime for all cervices according the “Law for users protection”.

By handle us the device for maintenance or/and technical consultation the user:

1. Declare, he/she told us all malfunctions he/she was aware of.
2. Agreed to pay for a diagnostic, including cases when:
• the issue is diagnostic correctly, but problem cannot be solved because of the reasons not dependent on the repairing organization (for example – spare parts cannot be delivered);
• the problem doesn’t appear during the diagnostic (false alarm);
• the problem is not object of the warranty given by manufacturer;
• the client deny maintenance because of personal reasons.
3. Don’t have to pay additional price for diagnostic if client has approved the maintenance.

The next services are not object of warranty and must be payed:
• Support, adjustment and recovery of the OS, drivers, user applications and user’s data;
• Removing paper jammed printers, or copy machines;
• Removing malfunctions caused by unauthorized software, data carriers, spare parts, accessory, or not original toners, inks etc;
• Removing malfunctions caused by unauthorized influence on the product;
• Prophylactic, technical examination, cleaning, changing toners, inks etc.

Note: Backup of the data build by the user applications and all adjustments, settings, passwords, certificates etc is users responsibility;

According the law the maximum time line for maintenance is 30 physical days, unless the manufacturer set other time period.
After the maintenance is done or if something else appears, the client will be notified on the e-mail, SMS or phone, pointet in the initial document.

We are not responsible and we are not obliged to store product for a period longer than 3 months after all activities on the product are done.